Katie Wood, ATR, MAAT, QMHP-R, RYT
Registered Professional Counselor Associate in Oregon and Washington States

Green Sheep Art Therapy LLC offers mental health counseling and art therapy to children, teens, families, partnered relationships, groups, and individuals.

The foundation for safe client-led explorations lies within the therapeutic relationship. My clinical approach centers on stabilizing somatic and emotional challenges, addressing interrelation and human attachment dynamics, and integrating overwhelming or traumatic life experiences. By applying a trauma-informed care perspective, a resilience-oriented framework, multi-perspective problem-solving, and skill development, clients can enhance their capacity for positive self-care and actively pursue meaningful personal growth.


Therapy at Green Sheep

While therapy often provides a solemn, reflective space for the work of healing and self-discovery, I believe it can also be a space for creative experimentation, playfulness, and gratifying personal expansion. I practice from an integrative feminist, strength-based, existential perspective and believe that - with caring and thoughtful support - every person is capable of utilizing and building upon the strengths and resources they already possess.

I am passionate about working with trans and LGB+ individuals, partners, and families, as well as individuals who have experienced various forms of family estrangement, religious trauma, or involvement in cults. I have also facilitated multiple workshops on the topic of advocating for victims of abuse related to parental Munchausen by Proxy, and enjoy providing consultation to providers who have clients who have experienced this type of abuse. As a counselor, I integrate many modalities into treatment depending on client needs, such as art therapy, relational cultural therapy, existential therapy, internal family systems, constructivist theories, and narrative therapy. I enjoy and find great value in parts work, and my work tends to focus on developing the part of us that isn't a part - an inner healing intelligence known by many names such as highest self, soul, wise mind, peak system state, "capital S Self," authentic self, and higher consciousness, among others.

Whatever you choose to call this inner healing intelligence, learning to access, connect with, and deeply come to know this aspect of you is a valuable journey with significant benefits to your mental and emotional well-being. It's not just about self-discovery; it's a potent tool to address anxiety, depression, disordered eating, boundary-setting, relationship problems, conflict resolution, grief, negative self-image, and social anxiety. This process can alleviate distress, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve overall mental well-being, empowering individuals to navigate their lives with greater resilience and confidence.

Art Therapy
Art therapy is a powerful tool in this journey, helping clients recognize, access, and connect with their inner healing intelligence. Through artistic expression, it serves as a tangible reminder of progress, offering a clearer visualization and perspective on this inner healing intelligence, making it more accessible during times of need. Art therapy aids in letting go of burdens, emotional weight, outdated fears, and encumbrances through the expressive creative process, facilitating positive and lasting change. It's important to note that no art experience is required to benefit from art therapy. We all have an innate capacity for creativity, and everybody's ways of being creative are unique to them. 

Leaning on your inner healing intelligence offers deeper self-understanding, empowering you to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma by providing a stable foundation for resilience and challenging negative thought patterns. It also helps you assert boundaries, leading to improved emotional health and more effective conflict resolution in relationships. Enhancing self-image and becoming comfortable with who you are can boost your confidence and alleviate social anxiety. Developing your authentic self is a powerful remedy for various emotional struggles, enabling a more balanced and fulfilling life.